Chapter VIXIV
Remember to love yourself.

Escapades in Seattle, WA.
Originally from Indio, CA

All photos copyrighted by me unless stated otherwise.

Install Theme

Seattle Based: API Chaya
Mar. 06, 2014
Photos by VIXIV.

Locations: Cupcake Royale, Capitol Hill
the Beacon: Massive Monkees Studio, Seattle, Washington

Part 1 of 2 [pt. 2]

Derek, the most kind hearted human and the person who put the vigil together, gave me the honor of photographing API Chaya’s 19th Annual Candlelight Vigil: KAPWA.

From the Facebook page:

Please join API Chaya in honoring lives lost to domestic and sexual violence through personal narratives and cultural performances. “Kapwa” is derived from a Tagalog (Filipino) word meaning, “the shared interconnectedness among and between beings; seeing yourself in another person”. By seeing the self in a survivor, it is possible to gain a sense of communal resiliency and accountability. Please join us in ceremony, as we heal and support one another through our shared interconnection of survivorship.”

It was my first ever vigil and I had a wonderful time. I was touched by the immense amount of community I felt throughout the night. 

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